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vita of Christine Söffing

born 1964 in Dortmund/Germany
83 - 93 studies: history of art, german language and literature, computer science, psychology and art in Münster, Erlangen, Augsburg/Germany
since 92 working as an artist and giving workshops for drawing, painting, sculpture, and video for children, young people and adults
96 -01 head of the sections art and music at the adult education center Augsburg
02 founding and leading "Synaesthesiewerkstatt", giving and organizing workshops, lectures, experimental music and trainings for creativity
lives and works in Neu-Ulm/Germany
Atelier and Synaesthesiewerkstatt
Augsburgerstr. 26
D-89231 Neu-Ulm
Tel.: +49 (0)170-4984519