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The sonification of the color wheel of Johannes Itten - a scientific art project.

Christine Söffing, Dr. Axel Baune, Klaus Schmidtke – Synästhesiewerkstatt Neu-Ulm, Germany
Yellow, green, red, blue sounds. Christine Söffing hears colors, forms and also the material texture of a sound: softly, hard, furry, like plastics, etc. In order to arrange and systematize the sounds, the first idea was to sort the sounds according to colors and put them into color files and then to sonificate the color wheel of Johannes Itten.
See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Itten
Is there a sound for each color in the color wheel of Itten? Dr. Axel Baune has been collecting noises, instrumental and vocal sounds for the scoring of plays and films for many years. Sorting these sounds according to the colors Christine Söffing sees, it soon was obvious, that the color wheel of Itten did'nt hold enough colors to match all sounds. The color ball by Phillip Otto Runge with merged tones seemed better.
See www.colorsystem.com/projekte/Grafik/15run/runge.htm
Are there sounds, which do not occur in the color ball? Which colors appear more frequently, which not at all? And what constitutes the color? Is it the frequency spectrum, is it the pikes? Or what is it? Does a collection of green sounds produce green music?
The EMU, experimental music and art of the University of Ulm, uses the sounds of a color as a material to compose music with the program pd (Pure Data).
At the moment, we still sort sounds. In the summer colors can be heard on this site.
Lecture with sound examples.
Christine Söffing, albertina.est@web.de and info@synaesthesiewerkstatt.de, phone: 0049-731-4036599
Christine Söffing, Dr. Axel Baune and Klaus Schmidtke are Members of EMU experimental music and art University of Ulm, see www.uni-ulm.de/einrichtungen/emu