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selection of campaigns und workshops about synaesthesia

Conception of the exhibition Tigerlilly for the kontiki Kulturwerkstatt Ulm, 1995

Conception of the exhibition Geruch des Steines (smell of stone) an der vhs Augsburg, 1997

Conception and administration of the schoolproject Der synästhetische Sinnesstadtplan (the synaestetic sensual citymap) of two districts of Ulm, January to April 2002, published in Kunst & Unterricht, Issue 274/275, August/September 2003

Classes about synaesthesia for children und adults, since 1993

Synästhesie Feuerwerk der Sinne (synaesthesia - fireworks of the senses). Administration of further education for teachers at the academy Schloss Rotenfels. December 2004

Administration of further education for youth-artschool-tutors at the academy of arts in Schwäbisch Hall, January 2002

Workshop about perception with all senses and the methodical realisation in artistic classes for youth-artschool-tutors at the 8. youth-artschool-days of Baden-Württemberg in Karlsruhe, 1995

Hearing colors, seeing sounds teaching and learning with al senses. Administration of further education for tutors of the vh Ulm, 1996

Synaesthesia workshop administration for Seniors at the University of Ulm, September 2002 und March 2003

Synaesthesia of children workshop for art pedagogy students of the University of Augsburg, May to June 2003

Synaesthesia of children. Administration of further education for teachers. February 06 Schulamt Neu-Ulm.

Organisation and administration of the synaesthesia-weekend at the Synaesthesiewerkstatt. March 2004. Ulm. http://www.synaesthesiewerkstatt.de/

researching about synaesthesia since 1992