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The Sound of Scents, III
Christine Söffing/Klaus Schmidtke und EMU-Ensemble
The Sound-Odor-Travel-Installation is a small Version of "The Sound of Scents, II" build for Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden/Germany, 2015 and "Der Klang von Kakao - The Sound of Scents I", Schöppingen 2010.

How to sonificate a scent?

A strange question? Not for the EMU-ensemble. The EMU, the group experimental music and art at the University of Ulm, consists of physicists, artists, computer scientists, dancers, musicians, singers, technicians and students. The EMU has produced interdisciplinary work for many years between art and science. NASA measured data of cirrus clouds gave a score, the brightness values of turbulence-forming smoke controlled via a network the computers of the laptop ensemble, films were set to music - to name examples of previous work.

As Christine Söffing is a Synaesthete, scents, smells, ordors and also sounds have colours, shapes and material qualities – they are sculptural. In different projects with the EMU Christine Söffing researches how to use her synaesthetic perception as a tool for scoring music.

In scent-projects with the EMU Christine is the composer, finding the matching sound for a given odor. One Question is, if a green odor can be sonificated with a green sounding instrument. Another would be, if a fluffy odor fits to a fluffy sound.

So the synaesthetic perception gave ideas for this project and ignited the artistic process.

The EMU created, composed, rehearsed, performed and recorded melodies, soundscapes or auditory events.
The Compositions
  1. // Rosa (Pink) // Christine Söffing - Danbao , Klaus Schmidtke - Danbao, Axel Baune - Bassrohr, Andreas Grünvogel-Hurst - Chin // 5:09 Min
  2. // Salbei (Sage) // Tobias Hornberger - electronics, Andreas Grünvogel-Hurst - electronics, Klaus Schmidtke - electronics, Christine Söffing - electronics // 3:56 Min
  3. // Vanille (Vanilla) // Axel Baune - Bassrohr mit Effekt, Tonatiuh Ruiz - electronics, Tobias Hornberger - Synthesizer, Gerlinde Sponholz - Bassrohr // 3:39 Min
  4. // Si (Sí) // Axel Baune - electronics, Rudi Arnold - windcontroller, Henning Kopp - electronics, Christine Söffing - electronics / Andreas Grünvogel-Hurst - electronics // 5:21 Min

The Installation was exhibited:
  • Exhibition Teknesyn. Museo Palazzo Abbatial. 16th - 19th may 2015. Alcalá la Real, Spain.

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